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Paramedical Training in India

Paramedical education and paramedical training are of great and vital importance in any well-developed or fast developing country. It is because, the paramedical professionals and staff are like the backbone of the healthcare service delivery system. Any healthcare institution essentially needs support of these paramedical professionals for providing efficient, perfect, and most impressive medical treatments and all other healthcare services to patients.

As far as India is concerned, the healthcare sector of India is extensive, well-developed, growing with a CAGR of over 17%, and serves an enormous number of Indian and global patients every year. Owing to the world-class healthcare services of India at quite reasonable and economical charges, the medical tourism to India from countries worldwide is constantly growing with an annual growth rate of over 15%. At present, the size of Indian healthcare industry is worth about US$ 150 billion, which is very hopefully expected to touch the mark of US$ 280 billion by the year 2020. Hence, vast, fast-paced, and world-class healthcare sector of India imperatively requires a huge number of well-qualified and well-trained paramedical professionals and ancillary staff every coming year, in addition to a large number of highly talented doctors and other high-level medical professionals.

The private sector of Indian healthcare is progressing more rapidly, and its share in the total healthcare service delivery too is increasing tremendously, which is at present about 80%. Hence, the private healthcare sector of India is especially more alluring and bright to paramedical professionals, at present, and also in future years. Our well-equipped Impact Paramedical and Healthcare Training Institute (IPHI) based in Delhi aims to produce a part of the total annual requirement of well-trained and competent paramedical professionals in the healthcare industry of India.

IPHI - Paramedical Training Institute in India
Impact Paramedical and Healthcare Training Institute (IPHI) is well-established, widely reputed, and one of the most popular and leading private paramedical institutes of Delhi and India is engaged in production of talented and punctilious paramedical professionals, who can efficiently offer their dedicated supportive services to doctors and other medical professionals in hospitals, nursing homes, health clinics, diagnostic centers, community healthcare centers, and other healthcare institutions. These paramedical staff and professionals are educated and trained in almost all major and significant disciplines of medical treatments and services.

Our paramedical training institute in india offers paramedical education and training at varying academic and professional levels, ranging from certificates and diplomas to bachelor's and master's degrees. In addition to campus-based education and training, some e-learning courses are also conducted by our fast progressing and hugely popular institute for paramedical studies and training. To get detailed information about our various paramedic training courses conducted at diverse levels, please visit other web-pages of this official website of our institute.

Our students are educated lavishly and trained comprehensively to serve at all levels of healthcare, namely, the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of service delivery. Lastly, as per the ever-expanding para medical scope, we are striving to include more and more areas of paramedical education and training year by year.