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India's healthcare sector is one of the largest service sectors with a market-size of around US$ 100 billion at present, and a remarkable contribution of about 5% to the national GDP. Again, this vast and varied healthcare sector of India employs over 4 million medical professionals, paramedical personnel and technicians, and supportive staff, in its diverse disciplines of medicine, surgery, and healing & wellness. Moreover, as this Indian healthcare sector has been perennially growing with a compound annual growth rate [CAGR] of 15%, it desperately requires a huge number of medical professionals and paramedical staff in every discipline, to run smoothly and most efficiently. Our internationally reputed Impact Paramedical and Healthcare Training Institute (IPHI) is committed to produce a part of this annual requirement, and thus, serve the globally renowned healthcare sector of India.

Our paramedical diploma courses which are conducted in the following vital and exquisite fields, are properly recognized by UGC and MCI, and are therefore, excellent for building fast prospering careers in different institutions of the governmental and private segments of the Indian healthcare sector. These paramedical diploma courses are taught and supervised by well-learned and well-experienced medical doctors and professionals of national and international fame. After successful completion of these diploma courses, students are sure to find lavish and bright employments at entry to lower positions in the concerned streams of medical assistance and healthcare in India and countries abroad.

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