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To contribute to the constantly growing requirements of paramedical professionals and well-trained supporting personnel in the government and private medical and healthcare sectors of India, our well-established and ISO 9001: 2008 certified paramedical institution ( IPHI ) conducts a rich variety of educational and training programs in a wide range of paramedical and medical fields. Some e-learning courses are also extended efficiently and responsibly to help working or occupied people in the medical and healthcare sector. The tables below enlist these world-class and highly prolific educational and training courses of ours one of the immensely reputed and leading paramedical institutes of India. These paramedical courses are taught by erudite, well-experienced, and internationally renowned medical and paramedical faculties and professionals. All our courses in paramedical and healthcare sciences are properly recognized by the UGC of India.

After successful completion of any desired educational-cum-training program at Impact Paramedical and Healthcare Training Institute (IPHI), a student is most likely to find a fast progressive employment in any private hospital, health clinic, community health centre, institution for medical testing, NGO, etc., and also in governmental medical and healthcare institutions, in the selected paramedical field. Our students may find jobs in such institutions in countries abroad also; or they can preferably become self-employed in the concerned fields. Here, it is relevant to mention that, the healthcare sector of India is vast [worth US$ 100 billion, approximately, at present], employs around 04 million people, and has been constantly growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15%. Hence, there are extensive and varied opportunities for rich and well-paid employments in the Indian healthcare sector in years to come.

Course Code Course Name Duration Eligibility
DC10 Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant (DNCA) 02 years 10th Pass
DC01 Diploma in Radiology and Imaging Technology (DRIT) 02 years 10th Pass
DC02 Diploma in Medical laboratory Technology(DMLT) 02 Year 10th Pass
DC03 Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician (DOTT) 02 years 10th pass
DC04 Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology (DOT) 02 years 10th Pass
DC05 Diploma in Wellness management(DWM) 02 years 10th Pass
DC06 Diploma in Dialysis Technician (DDT) 02 years 10th Pass
DC07 Diploma in Medical Record Technology (DMRT) 02 years 10th Pass
DC08 Diploma in Sanitary Inspector (DSI) 01 years 10th Pass
DC09 Diploma in First aid and Medical Assistant (DFMA) 02 years 10th Pass
DC10 Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy 01 years 10th Pass
DC11 Diploma in Emergency Medical Technician 02 years 10th Pass
DC12 Diploma in EEG / Neurology Technician 02 years 10th Pass
Course Code Course Name Duration Eligibility
DC01 B.Sc Medical Lab technology (BMLT) 03 years 12th pass
DP02 B.Sc Radiology & Imaging Technology (BRIT) 03 years 12th Pass
DP03 B.Sc Operation Theatre Technology (BOTT) 03 years 12th Pass
DP04 B.Sc Medical Record Technology (BMRT) 03 years 12th Pass
DP05 B.Sc Optometry & Opthalmic Technology(BOOT) 03 years 12th Pass
DP06 B.Sc Dialysis Technology (BDT) 03 years 12th (Science)
DP07 B.Sc Physiotherapy (BPT) 04 years 12th (Science)
DP08 Medical Lab. Technology (MMLT) 02 years BMLT/Graduation
DP09 Master's in Public Health 02 years MBBS/B.Sc (B)
DP10 Master's in Hospital Administration 02 years Graduation
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