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Objectives of IPHI College, Impact Paramedical and Healthcare Training Institute

Impact Paramedical and Healthcare Training Institute (IPHI) has been well-established with certain high and noble objectives. Broadly, these objectives can be classified into the following categories:

  • To contribute remarkably to the world-class and reasonably-charged education and trainings in the sphere of paramedical sciences and ancillary healthcare services, in India.
  • To cater optimally to the ever-growing requirements of paramedical professionals and supporting staff in diverse medical fields in India's fast-paced healthcare sector, through producing a maximal possible number of well-skilled and reliable paramedical professionals and supporting personnel every year at all levels.
  • To meet the varying requirements of ambitious paramedical students, medical and healthcare practitioners, and other people aspiring to enter into the healthcare sector, through conducting an array of paramedical courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • To raise the quality and sincerity of the services provided by the paramedical professionals and staff in India in diverse disciplines of medical treatments and healthcare services.
  • To nurture and facilitate research activities in various paramedical fields, and encourage students for the best possible performance through rewarding the meritorious and bright students with scholarships, awards, prizes, etc.