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Impact Student Association (ISA)

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ISA is a means of inculcating the entrepreneurial spirit in the students by providing them first hand experience of conducting association .The students needs to visit the ISA office and register a new association with the necessary details, which includes objective of the organization. On the completion of the registration process, the ISA office will give them a code of conduct to adopt which will include list of compliances and conduction. Every year, the organization will get a grant from the ISA office for promoting their objective till such time their compliances are full.

To increase the scope of the organization, the founding members can enhance membership of their organization, may or may not charge a membership fee, work with the entire body to organize events, raise funds doing that, and they may even choose to interact with the public at large for furthering their agenda. All such ISA's will be a free form structure and include annual elections. With this, an organization once started could potentially outlive any of its founding members.

Events conducted by ISA will not only provide a fun filled atmosphere at the institute but also give studentsí a platform to showcase their talents, develop their overall personalities and get awarded.

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