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General Information

Welcome to another great year of learning. It’s the beginning of new session

We look forward to meeting you all as the year progresses. I am delighted to be part of Impact Paramedical and health institute and to build on our strengths and work to enhance our reputation as a successful, sought after Institute. Our aim is always for staff, students (their parents/Caregivers) to feel connected, valued, respected and to have great experience with Impact Paramedical and health Institute.

Our Initiative

This year is to facilitate with best learning objectives, exposure to practical work. The system is sync with classes and semester examinations which will be held in duration of every 6 months.

Complete application form must be submitted along with all necessary documents without any excuse during the orientation session.


  1. Maintenance of DISCIPLINE within the Institute campus is of utmost importance. Any student involved in any sort directly or indirectly in any fight or other issues shall be expelled from the institute immediately in addition to facing action by the law enforcing authorities. An undertaking to this effect is to be signed by both Students and Parents. Students expelled on grounds of indiscipline will not be entitled to any refund of any fees deposited.
  2. Individually a minimum of 75% attendance is required in all classes in every semester. Anyone who fails to adhere to this shall not be permitted to take the examinations. Unauthorized absence is liable for fine and punishment. Punctuality is a must for each lecture, class, laboratory and clinical session.
  3. Attendance to internal tests is compulsory and leave / absence shall not be permitted.
  4. Usage of mobile phone is strictly prohibited inside the institute premises.If your ward is found using mobile phone in institute premises the mobile phone will be confesiated and a fine of Rs. 300 will be charged for returning the mobile phone.
  5. Tobacco / alcohol / drugs usage is strictly prohibited within the campus and anyone found doing so shall be punished.
  6. Transfer / Adjustment of fee from one institution to another institution is not permitted by the management.
  7. Students dismissed on disciplinary grounds will forfeit their entire Fees.
  8.  Students are not  allowed to call /contact any faculty after Institute working hours and no student will be entertained by any faculty after institute working hours.
  9. Every student is self-responsible to collect all academic information like assignments, internal and external exams, activities or events etc.All necessary information(academic) will be displayed on institute’s website and notice board.

Punctuality to Institute and Late Detentions.


  • We wish a good start this new session. Thank you very much parents in advance for helping us become a more punctual Institute.
  • Any late comer Student attendance will be marked as absent for the particular lecture. Each student attendance percentage will be displayed at institute notice board in last week of every month.
  • Any late coming to the class /lecture because of traffic will not be entertained and will be marked absent.
  • Please be noted, from the beginning of this term, late comers to Institute after 9:45 a.m., will not be allowed to attend the class and She/he need to contact the Academic Coordinator immediately.



Uniform Compliance


We ask the parents to ensure that students are in full Institute uniform and have their hair presented in line with Institute policy. (See Institute rules and regulations). Hairstyles should be tidy.

  • All students in the campus should wear clean and appropriate attire.
  • Prescribed uniform for all the batches.
  • Every student must wear the Photo Identity Card issued by the institute.
  • No student shall be allowed inside the campus without the identity Card

Institute Fee Payment


  • We ask all parents to adhere to the Institute policy on fee payment. Late payment of fees impairs the Institute’s ability to honor its financial commitments and your child may not receive quality education. All non-payers will be followed up during the term.
  • Thank you to all of you who have already submitted your fees. Institute reserves the right to exclude the students without notice if fees are not paid.
  • Late payment of fees after 15th of every month attracts Rs. 100 Surcharge as penalty per day.
  • Any amount of fees paid is non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.
  • All students must collect their fee card from accounts department and No fees can be deposited without fee card.



We would like to pay your attention towards few points which will help us to inculcate a sense of responsibility and discipline.

  • Keep the track of daily progress of child and take remedial actions whenever required.
  • Keep updated with your kids attendance records.
  • Keep updating your kid’s academic performance.
  • Various information like exam date sheet holidays and other event related notices are uploaded in official website of institute.
  • Time table of every week will be there in notice boards of institute.
  • Result will be available in Institute website.
  • All semester watsapp groups have been made for any kind of necessary information
  • Regular absentees (more than 4 days) are called every Friday.
  • It is compulsory to give both internal exams.
  • We provide study material of every class and we do not support any kind of social media usage.
  • Your kid have to abide all the rules and regulations of Institute
  • If any fine is due to your child then firmly you have to pay the fine.
  • Mobile phone usage is strictly prohibited otherwise decided amount has to be paid as fine. Mobile phone should be switch off in institute campus.

Examination policy

In order to be eligible to appear for the Examination a candidate:

  1. Shall have undergone satisfactorily the approved course of study in the subjects for the prescribed duration.
  2. Shall have attendance of at least 75% of the total number of classes in Theory and Practical’s.
  3. Shall give both internal exams, the average marks fixed for Internal Assessment in a particular subject.
  4. Shall fulfill any other requirement that may be prescribed by the examination body from time to time.
  5. Who fail in any subjects in final exams, will have to re-appear for the concerned subject before he/she becomes eligible to appear for the next examination.
  6. Re-exam fee for each subject will be Rs. 500/Subject.
  7. If any student found with unfair means shall be detrained from the particular exam.
  8. Student have to come in proper uniform with admit card attaching a passport size photograph to it.
  9. Students who are coming late for exams shall be given only 15 mints of grace time, after that they will not be allowed to give exam.
  10. If fee of the particular semester is not complete then you are not allowed to give exams and also your result will not be displayed in any circumstances.
  11. For any result related issue, no one will be entertained via Phone call or mail, particular student have to visit institute in working hours.
  12. Passing marks in final exams are 40 out of 100 each subject.