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In pursuit of its ultimate mission of producing numerous well-trained and highly competent paramedical professionals every year, ours well-resourced, ISO 9001:2008 certified, and nationwide renowned IPHI of Delhi seeks to utilize the popular means of franchising with able and ambitious people, institutions, and organizations located in cities all across India. This arrangement of highly constructive and promising, as well as lucrative franchising, will certainly be very beneficial to our loyal franchisees, to our fast thriving brand name of IPHI, and to the booming healthcare sector of India. The possible bumper benefits obtainable by our franchisees, and the eligibility conditions applicable for selecting them, are described below separately. We will earnestly welcome and appreciate highly the prompt response and correspondence from our prospective franchisees!

Here, it may again be just mentioned that our visionary IPHI (Impact Paramedical and Healthcare Training Institute) has been providing world-class, highly professional, and employment-oriented education and training in a wide range of paramedical disciplines at varying academic and professional levels (certificates, diplomas, and degrees). So far, we have produced numerous well-learned, comprehensively trained, and punctilious paramedical professionals and staff to serve efficiently the healthcare sector of India and abroad at all levels of service delivery, namely, the primary, secondary, and tertiary. High commendations expressed by our passed-out students and diverse employers (private hospitals, health clinics, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, community healthcare centers, etc.) engaged in the healthcare sector, have been testament to our dutifulness and fast-paced success. Again, IPHI wants to continue excelling itself in performance and include many more areas of paramedical education and training in future years.

In our opinion, the paramedical professionals and ancillary staff are the backbone of the whole service delivery system in the healthcare sector of any country. As far as the Indian healthcare industry is concerned, it is expanding and growing fast with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 15%, and the size of this sector is expected to reach the level of US$ 280 billion by the year 2020, according to a recent report from Equentis Capital. Again, of the total service deliverance in the Indian healthcare sector, about 80% is contributed by the private sector, which is undoubtedly to grow proportionately and tremendously in coming future years. Hence, the constantly and fast growing private sector of Indian healthcare will imperatively require a huge number of paramedical professionals and supporting staff in coming years. Here, it may also be noted that, the healthcare sector of India is one of the largest and most magnificent economic sectors in respect of both revenues (offering around 5% to national GDP) and employment (to over 04 million at present).

Benefits Available to Our Franchisees: --- The most significant benefits and advantages achievable by our franchisees will be the following: ---
  • A golden opportunity to start a respectable occupation which promises a bright future
  • Impressive growth and profit prospects
  • Expert and comprehensive support from us to pave the way for your grand success
Eligibility Conditions: --- The most desired requisites for our franchising are the following:
  • Desires to serve people and the country remarkably
  • A clean personal/career background, and sufficiently good academic or professional record (people or entities with experience in education or healthcare fields will be given priority)
  • Strong financial and social footings bolstered by wide-ranging local prominence

Looking forward to listening from you!

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