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May 19

Current Scenario Paramedical Training in India

Paramedical staff in the hospitals mainly works to bring about change in the quality of life of a patient. It is an excellent option for children who have a spirit of serving people.... Read More

May 19

Back up medical courses options for students who could not clear NEET

For all students with science stream especially with PCB in class 12th the goal is to clear NEET exam to finally pursue MBBS and become a doctor. Many students are ignorant regarding... Read More

May 19

Know What to Do After Completing 10th-12th Standard

Have you all heard about paramedical sciences? Offcourse!! you must have. These courses nowadays are in great demand besides nursing, they are Medical Laboratory Technician...... Read More

Jul 18

Career Opportunity in Paramedical Courses

Paramedical is a part of medical science which deals with pre-hospital emergency services. With the development of medical sciences and complex medical equipment's, demand...... Read More

Apr 18

Best Paramedical Courses after 12th Standard

Have you completed 12th? Are you worried about further studies, if you are thinking about pursuing good medical courses, then this article is going to help you to a greater extent..... Read More

Apr 18

Career Options In Paramedical Courses

Paramedics can be defined as a practice in the field of medical sciences that deals with pre-hospital emergency services. This medical professional works as an emergency medical care provider who gives primary medical and trauma care... Read More

Apr 18

Rising Demand for Healthcare Professionals in India

Healthcare is one of India's widest Industry - both in terms of economy and employment. Healthcare constitutes hospitals, medical devices, outsourcing, telemedicine, health insurance, medical tourism, clinical trials and medical equipment. The Indian healthcare system is growing at an active pace... Read More

Apr 18

Four Reasons you should choose Paramedical E-Learning Courses in India

There are thousands of students who wish to get into their preferred paramedical college but fails due to many reasons. Considering the fact that selection of an institute plays the most crucial role in success in the career, it is always beneficial and required to find an alternative that allows you Read More

Apr 18

Five Reasons of Pursuing Paramedical Diploma Courses in India

In past few years, paramedical courses has gained significant boom amongst those willing to rule the medical industry. Considering the fact that paramedical professionals contribute more than three-fourth to the medical industry, going for paramedical courses has become a preferred choice Read More

Apr 18

Doors to Success with Paramedical Certificate Courses in India

With the boom in medical industry and paramedical professionals getting more importance, pursuing paramedical courses have become a cherished option for many aspirants. Paramedical certificate courses in India are more popular when compared to other options of getting into paramedical Read More

Apr 18

How Medical Tourism Hands Over Key to Success to Paramedical Industry?

India, the popular tourism destination in the world, is also gaining huge popularity as the hub of medical tourism in the world. Every single year, millions of people from all parts of the globe visit here to seek the best medical facilities. There are certain reasons behind the popularity of India as a Read More

Apr 18

Best Paramedical Courses after Graduation

A paramedical expert is the person that helps the doctors and surgeons in their medical facilities with their areas of specialisation, to make them able to perform the diagnosis, treatments, surgeries and therapies in better way. The opportunities in paramedical science keep increasing with every Read More

Mar 18

Top Streams in Paramedical after 10th Standard

There is a clear misconception about the medical industry that only doctors serve the patients. Considering this, most of the students who want to make a career in medical industry choose pursuing MBBS and MD. But the truth is, there are many other people who support the.... Read More

Mar 18

Paramedical Course Admission Open for Session 2018-19

Impact Paramedical & Healthcare Training Institute is the leading and prestigious paramedical institute in Delhi offering paramedical courses to the students willing to make their career in medical industry. The institute offers a diverse range of courses in the paramedical stream and prepares.... Read More

Mar 18

IPHI College Delhi Offers Paramedical Courses for 10th and 12th passed

Paramedical sector is an ever changing field with new developments. To keep up with that, even the professionals have to be getting updated with various knowledge providing sources. Picking paramedical area is a great career choice but can only be an appropriate decision when you... Read More

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